Reading, Language Arts, Math, Typing, Spanish, Science, Word Processing and Creativity

Responsibility of the Attendees:

-To e-mail or mail and submit a member registration form and pay for the before-after school or Summer session PRIOR to its time and date.

-Effective 7/2017 PAYMENTS with forms must be made BEFORE the program begins all check payments must be mailed with the registration form to Computer Kids Club, P.O. Box 246, Kirkwood, DE 19708-0246 or your credit card payment must be received prior to the start date of the program.

-To e-mail or call the Director to schedule a session time, and date for individual tutoring.

-To provide the Director with a subject chosen for the individual tutoring.

-To inform the Instructor if someone else is picking up your child. They will need to provide their ID at pickup.

-To follow the School Code of Conduct and ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY regarding computer usage and equipment. Parents have signatured such policies for your school. If student is not compliant with the policies, the Director will provide an Incident Report to the Principal.

Responsibility of the Instructor:


To deliver the session content detailed on your school's flier. Age groups are taught the same program details, however, modified for the individual age groups. Keyboarding, mouse and Internet safety are discussed and practiced in every meeting. 


Responsibility of Schools and Participants for Individual Tutoring:

The below policy applies to individual tutoring using participants computer equipment AND to the schools participating in the Computer Kids Club program.

- Computer Kids Club cannot be responsible if video, sound, printer or other technological errors occur during a session.

- Computer Kids Club is not responsible if a session is canceled due to the unlikely event of a storm, power outage or incompatibility issues.

-Computer Kids Club is not responsible for errors due to downloads, or for virus claims and or equipment failures used during a session. It is the attendees or schools responsibility to use virus protection software to block viruses.

-Computer Kids Club is not responsible for errors in browser capability

Before-After School and Summer Policy:

-Children should be picked up promptly at the sessions ending time from their school. Should you be running late please call and inform the Instructor. There is a five minute grace period, once the five minute grace period ends you will be charged a $1.00 per minute fee, paid at pickup. If a class should be canceled, due to a snow day, a “make-up” class will be given at a future time determined by the instructor.

 -CKC spends hours of time processing paperwork and payments and does NOT Charge a REGISTRATION FEE OR SIGN UP FEE, therefore, if a student is absent from a scheduled date due to illness, appointments or early withdraws from the program, there are no monetary refunds. For illness or an unexpected appointment you may attend ONE MAKE-UP session in the month of MAY. 

-If you decide to have someone else pick up your child please inform Instructor via e-mail or phone who that person is and have them show their license or ID at the time of pickup.

-There is an administrative fee, if a check is returned “Insufficient Funds” or a debit/credit transaction is rejected. The fee will be invoiced at $35.00.

-All students are expected to follow the school Code of Conduct and the ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY regarding computer equipment and procedures that their school requires at all times. If the policy that was signatured by parents is not in compliance, the Director will provide a incident report to the Principal.

- Please be prepared to show your ID on the first meeting.

-All sites visited are safe and tested by the Instructor. URLS that are used have been tested and are suitable for viewing by children. CKC cannot guarantee content further related to links found on the world wide web. Some sites contain too many links to follow end to end and links change daily. Although the instructor approves the content and activities for use during a session, CKC is not responsible for content that may be on certain pages through additional links on a webpage. Please supervise your child while they are using the web.