Reading, Language Arts, Math, Typing, Spanish, Science, Word Processing and Creativity

Information/Responsibility of Client/Attendees:

-To E-mail, Text or Mail a member registration form and payment by the due date written on your registration form.  Your form and payment must be received in a timely manner to guarantee registration for your child. In other words, some families send the form and then post a payment a week later, which means other completed registrations have been added to the class count already, moving you to a possible waiting list for another program. 

It is not mandatory, however preferred, that your registration be received at least 1 week before its first meeting time and date. Late registration is accepted only up to our second (2nd) class meeting and there is no discount or pro-rated tuition at this point. This policy applies to our summer camps and before/after-school programs. The dates for any of our programs are found by clicking on the After-School Program tab at the top of the website. On this page you can see how many more students we can accept for enrollment at a particular school or summer camp date. 

-CHECK PAYMENTS with registration forms can be mailed BEFORE any program begins. Please plan on the form/payment arriving 1 week before first class.

Check payments must be mailed with the registration form to:

              Computer Kids Club, P.O. Box 246, Kirkwood, DE 19708-0246  

-Credit Card payments must be received before the start date of the program.

-Credit card payments can be made online; type in:                    


*Important: We use the PayPal service for these transactions for security reasons, so we do not store or have in our possession any credit card information. 

***If you DO NOT have a PayPal account, just let us know and we can E-Mail you an invoice for you to pay with a debit/credit card.


Click on the "Member Registration" tab at the top of our site and look for our pdf registration form to print out. Use the Tutoring section to note your classes and mail the form/payment to Computer Kids Club, P.O. Box 246, Kirkwood, DE 19708-0246. OR use our PayPal link and type your class date and choice in the "Notes" section.



IMPORTANT: To inform the Director if someone else is picking up your child, if your child has an EARLY Dismissal or is ABSENT from school on our program day. Please communicate BETWEEN 6 a.m. & 2 p.m., by electronic mail to or Texting (Number provided on your confirmation E-Mail). Keep in mind, voicemail messages are on delay often and in some cases reception does not work in our building and we cannot receive a call.

Regarding someone new picking up your child. They will need to provide their ID at pickup. Our registration form has a place for emergency contacts, this ideally should be your secondary person authorized to pickup your child. If there is someone outside of you and your secondary authorized pickup, contact me as soon as possible to communicate this to our Coaches. We ask that you contact us PRIOR to the program date if possible. If you must reach us the same day as the program, please TEXT (Preferred and the number is on your confirmation email) or E-Mail communication to BETWEEN 6 a.m. & 2 p.m..

Regarding EARLY Dismissal and ABSENCES. For the security of our students it is important to know if they will not be attending on any program day. When we arrive, sometimes the office staff is not able to provide this information, and as it is our professional duty to manage the students when we are on site, we do not answer or receive calls (unless there is an emergency) once we arrive on site. In addition, some sites have poor or no cell phone reception. We ask that you contact us prior to the program date if possible. If you must reach us on the same day as the program, please TEXT (Preferred) or E-Mail us at


-Children should be picked up promptly at the sessions ending time, out of respect for the Coach, who has other responsibilites to attend. Should you be running late on program day, please prepare your emergency contact to pickup your child and remind them to bring their IDENTIFICATION to the site. There is a 5 minute grace period at pickup, after this a $1.00 per minute charge applies. Kindly, pay the Technology Coach for the inconvenience. If late charges are unpaid an invoice will be prepared for you to pay the late charges.

-For your child to follow the School Code of Conduct and ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY regarding computer usage, equipment and respectful behavior. Parents have signatured such policies for your school. If student is not compliant with the policies, the Director will provide an Incident Report to the Principal, and communicate with you what behaviors we have reminded your child are unacceptable.

CANCELLATION FEES: Our service does not charge for registration/processing fees, or any materials fees upon signing up for our program. However, we do charge cancellation fees. A cancellation may take place in any form, whether planned or not by the Director or one of our locations may cancel, out of our control. In the event there is a cancelation of any kind for one of our programs, and you have paid your tuition, makeups and credits will be given.  

In some cases, where sufficient WRITTEN notice is given 3 weeks or more PRIOR to a school program or a summer camp beginning, if the program has been paid for, a partial refund will be given to the client as identified in the CANCELLATION/PROCESSING FEES policy below. NOTE: If an after-school program or summer camp was approved to run and canceled by the school and not by the Program Director, for any situation out of our control, that many prepaid expenses to run our program already took place and FULL refunds are NOT an option. Makeup classes or credits will be determined for a future before/after-school program, summer camp, personal tutoring or online classes.

We must receive electronic mail notification, or written notification in order to process your partial refund.


This policy applies to cancellations made from any source other than the Director. If a cancellation is made by the Client or the School District or school Principal where the program was confirmed, more expenses were already pre-paid that cannot be recovered. 

                                       SCHOOL PROGRAM Policy on location
If we receive E-Mail or Written cancellation 3 weeks or more before the start date of any program at a school. $55.00 cancellation/processing fee for each registration.

If we receive E-Mail or Written cancellation 1 week up to 3 weeks before the start date of any program at a school. $65.00 cancellation/processing fee for each registration. 

If we receive E-Mail or Written cancellation WITHIN 1 week from the start date of any program there are NO REFUNDS.


                                           ONLINE PROGRAM Policy

Updated July, 2020

There are NO refunds of any kind for our 1, 1.25 or 1.5 hours classes. Makeups classes are available for a limited time only depending on the reason for client not showing up for the scheduled class. The Director will send an E-Mail with the deadline to reschedule your class.


IF you enroll for a School Break, Holiday or Summer Camp that is a series of classes (4 or more days), and you need to cancel your registration, depending on the circumstance, the Director may provide a PARTIAL refund as follows:

Your registration cancelation must be received by electronic mail notice.

3 weeks or more before the start date of the program:

$25.00 cancelation fee

1 week up to 3 weeks before the start date of the program: 

$35.00 cancelation fee

Within 1 week before the start date of the program:

NO REFUNDS, although makeup classes are an option and decided by the Director based on the client circumstances.

*Why a cancellation/processing fee? First, at this time, we do not charge registration/processing fees or materials fees to our families, at registration time, even though there are many administrative expenses during registration to justify fees. We consider this a trademark of our service to help the program remain affordable for our families. Second, we usually have a waiting list for students to join our after-school program and summer camps. If we reach out to the families on the waiting list and its too late for them to participate, which in most cases it is because they found alternative programs already, we disappoint our families who could have benefited from the program, and participated if we had reached out sooner. We spend hours of time trying to replace the attendees who cancel, to make our minimum attendees to run our program, resulting in extra overall expenses.


Discounts: We provide reduced tuition for our program to make it affordable for our families. Computer science/technology programs currently run in the upwards of $500 a course. Because of the reduced tuition to our families, We DO NOT OFFER any form of discount.

-Returned Check Fees are enforced and if a check is returned "insufficient funds" we will charge you a fee of $25.00 for the inconvenience of submitting the payment again, and to cover the cost of the fees we are charged.


-Cancellation or Early Withdrawals once a program is in progress will not result in a refund, for prepaid expenses have already been paid to run the program.  

-Account CREDITS ONLY or MAKEUPS only are determined and approved by the Director and on a case by case basis. In ALL cases we do NOT approve credits or makeups for random absences or early dismissals once the program is in progress, and early withdrawals from a program or a summer camp, whether notified or not. 

-IF a CREDIT ONLY is approved, the Director will e-mail you the terms and offer. The CREDIT ONLY is transferable to another student, and can be used towards our Online Classes, Personal Tutoring, another block of our AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM and our SUMMER CAMPS. (The credit is good for the term offered).

-IF a MAKEUP CLASS is approved, the Director will communicate the form of makeup class.  It may be at another location, online class, another time, another date or through our personal tutoring service. 

-To notify the Director through electronic mail of any concerns about the program, whether it be the planning, coaches, administration, or other. It is our responsibility to provide your child with the best technology instruction, and without your help we cannot make any changes. 

Information/Responsibility of the Program Director/Coaches:

-To deliver the session content detailed on your school's flier or on the summer camp flier. Age groups are taught the same program details, however, modified for the individual age groups. We teach grades K, 1, and 2 on one side of the lab, age appropriate planning and grades 3, 4, 5, 6 in another section of the lab, age appropriate planning. 

-If a program cancels due to low enrollment or otherwise decided by the Director, the client has the choice of the following: A monetary refund, a CREDIT ONLY which can be used for our Online Classes, Individual Tutoring, AFTER-SCHOOL Programs, SUMMER CAMPS. This credit CAN be transferred between siblings and is good for one year (1 year) from date of credit. 

-If a program cancels out of our control and by the school administration after we have paid expenses to run the program, only makeups and credits are offered and can be use towards our ONLINE Classes, Personal Tutoring, or another future school program or summer camp.

-If there is a snow day on the day of your program, you will be informed of a makeup class at the end of the school year in the month of May/June. We may or may not be able to accommodate due to scheduling, but will inform you if it is possible.

-If there is an unexpected cancellation on one of the dates of our program and to no fault of our own, i.e. Power Outage, computer network is down or out of use, lockdown, or any other situation preventing us from working on site on a particular date there are no refunds, makeups or credits.

-To inform you if there is a rate change for our programs. Due to rising costs, inflations in our business costs, we will inform you of rate changes as they occur, however, these changes may happen at any time in any one of our programs.

-Policies on this page can change at any time and will be posted on this page as updated.

Information/Responsibility of Schools Participating in our program & Participants for Personal Tutoring or ONLINE Classes:

The below policy applies to personal tutoring using participants computer equipment/network AND to the schools who participate in any of our programs, including after-school programs & summer camps, where we utilize the computer lab, equipment and network on site or for our online classes.

- Computer Kids Club cannot be responsible if video, sound, printer or other technological errors occur during a session. Including but not limited too; network errors, browser compatibility, program malfunctions, not being able to access a program due to computer processing issues.

-For schools, we request a contact to reach in the event that we have questions about the lab equipment, network errors and whom we can work with to open educational websites we use in our program. Please provide the Director with this information.

- Computer Kids Club is not responsible if a session is canceled due to the unlikely event of a storm, power outage, incompatibility issues, browser issues, or if we were uninformed that the lab is being used for something other than our program on program day. There are no refunds, makeups, or credits.

-If any program is canceled by school administrators AFTER the program was already approved and enrollment was already in process, the Director and the school administrators will work together to provide makeup dates or times for the program to begin or resume. If a makeup class cannot be determined, we will offer a credit. Credits can be used towards personal tutoring, a future before or after-school program or our summer programs. Credits are also transferable between siblings and limited to a time period of use.

-Computer Kids Club is not responsible for computer equipment problems, due to errors from downloads, or for virus claims resulting from teaching a session. It is the participants or schools responsibility to use virus protection software and updates to block viruses and potential hazards from downloads, such as Flash, or any other download that happens out of our control. 


Additional Information:

-All websites and programs used in our planning are safe and have been tested by the Director. URLS that are used have been tested and are suitable for viewing by children. CKC cannot guarantee content further related to links found on the world wide web. Some sites contain too many links to follow end to end and links change daily. Although the instructor approves the content and activities for use during a session, CKC is not responsible for content that may be on certain pages through additional links on a webpage. Please supervise your child while they are using the internet and computer.

ONLINE Course Policies

-Families who participate in the online courses are required to have Zoom installed, a keyboard, mouse, and a laptop or desktop computer. If your only choice is a tablet or an older Chromebook some programs will not work due to their file size. Also, older Chromebooks have trouble accessing more than one program at a time. Typing practice cannot be achieved without a keyboard. A mouse is required for the detailed art work students work on in class. Some of the classes require the student to have a GMAIL account or have permission to use their parents' GMAIL account.

-Participants should try as much as possible to keep noise levels low as their child is participating in our Zoom class and out of courtesy for all of the students enrolled in each class.

-Participants are required to have Virus software installed on the computer their child is using. Links are given to play the activities and a virus program should check the link before playing. Instructor is not responsible for any glitches or viruses which may occur on the participant's computer. 

-As you instructor is ready and has prepared planning for a course, refunds are not given if your child cannot participate in the class you signed up for. The Instructor may offer a credit for another class depending on the circumstance, therefore, email the Instructor and describe the reason your child missed class and we will work with you on scheduling a makeup class.

-Schedules are subject to change, so check for updates.