Reading, Language Arts, Math, Typing, Spanish, Science, Word Processing and Creativity

S.T.E.A.M. Enrichment Program in DE


~ Before & After-School ~

~ In School PRE-K & PLC enrichment Elementary Schools ~

~ Summer Camps ~

~  Tutoring in computer science & academics ~


Who are we?

We are a mobile S.T.E.A.M. program providing before-after school programs, summer camps, and computer & academic tutoring designed for ages 5 to 12. We teach our youth critical technology skills they will use for a lifetime!

During the school year you can find us at elementary school's who participate in our extended program, in the summer, at local schools who partner with us to run our summer camps.

Our program is designed to teach small groups and provide independent instruction resulting in a more valuable learning experience for your child.
OUR key focus is teaching beginner CODING skills, TYPING & GRAPHIC DESIGN skills. Students at this age are taught the core programs in Microsoft/Google/MAC, giving them experience to use these programs through their growing school years and beyond.

We blend academics into the program as well, teaching MATH, Engineering, Science, Grammar, making our instruction time not only educational, but a fun adventure!
Our students achieve confidence and computer skills before entering middle school. Some of the projects the students create include but not limited to: Google Doodles, slideshows of technology pioneers, X-Box design, App inventions and Digital Animation.

Since we have had a lot of families ask this question, here is the answer.
YES, we play MINECRAFT in the club, however, not on the XBOX! The kids actually think we have an XBOX set up when they arrive the first day, and we do NOT!

Everything the students learn is through the use of the personal computer. They will learn important functions like radio buttons, slide bars, opening and closing internet tabs, research for reports & so much more! And the most important skills such as typing, beginner CODING, and graphic design and a comprehensive instruction on the usefulness of computer programs.

Whether it be the arts, engineering, technical, math or science related, we assure you the activities are educational and will promote technology skills, along with math principles through the academic portion of our program. 

Our students learn the programs available on Microsoft & MAC operating systems.

TYPING challenges teach them how to type in a fun, adventurous way, where they learn to become fast and accurate typists. Two of our students can type 65 words per minute and they are in the 4th grade! We are so proud of their accomplishments through the years.

WE together can give our future workforce the skills they will need to run medical equipment, develop programs for appliances, phones, and computers and prepare our students for the limitless number of jobs that will use technology.

Why choose our program?

We bring over 20 years of experience teaching Pre-K to 5th grade, education through technology. I began the program with a Dell desktop in 1996, you know the big, boxy, beige computers? I used compact disks and worksheets to teach students back then. 

We deliver a summer camp and after-school program teaching MANY important technology subjects your child will need to know as they grow up in the digital age. Other technology programs focus on ONE subject. In my opinion and by experience, teaching one function of technology creates boredom for a young student and they lose interest very easily, affecting the amount of information they actually retain.

We CATER to our students and make sure if an activity is too easy, or if its too hard, we adjust the challenge. We do not force a student to work on one subject if they are frustrated. We want our students to have a positive, memorable experience and not become intimidated by technology.