Reading, Language Arts, Math, Typing, Spanish, Science, Word Processing and Creativity

S.T.E.M. Enrichment Program in DE

Pre-K through 6th grade

Before & After-School S.T.E.M. Program ~

~ In School S.T.E.M. for PRE-K ~

~ Summer Camps ~

~  Tutoring in computer & academics ~


Computer Kids Club, since 1994 has delivered an AFTER-SCHOOL, BEFORE SCHOOL AND SUMMER CAMP Technology Program. Students meet in the computer lab of their own school and are instructed on Internet Safety, computer terminology, keyboarding, and are taught an educational lesson in coding, engineering, math, reading, grammar, science, creativity, space education, and so much more. In their 8 week session at their school, they also design a project in either Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher or EXCEL.  Or MAC programs and Google Docs & Slides.

Also, parents can choose to have a one-on-one enrichment tailored to the needs of their child. CKC delivers educational programs of nearly 100 researched, student engaged activities. We prepare our students for middle, high school and a career!

Technology Education to New Heights

* Rewarding educational activities AND the Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel and Word programs where students prepare for future school projects. We also teach Google programs and MAC programs. Each student creates a powerful project by the end of each camp.


Examples of curriculum: Money Madness, Professions, Transportation, Inventions, Keyboarding/Mouse Madness, NASA and Space, Digital Fun, Words are Wonderful, Spanish & French, Multi-Cultural Festival, Graphic Arts and Creative arts.