Reading, Language Arts, Math, Typing, Spanish, Science, Word Processing and Creativity

Before or After-School - S.T.E.M. Program

Summer Camps

Individual Tutoring

Did you know? The Bureau of Statistics predicts 1 million computer jobs by 2022? Near the time our elementary students will graduate! However, they also predict we will not have enough workforce educated in computer science. Partnering with local schools, we help prepare our students for middle school and high school projects and a technology career. 

Computer Kids Club was created to provide exceptional technology instruction to children in Pre-K through 6th Grade via the worldwide web and by instructing students in the Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint programs or the MAC equivalent. This year Google Docs & Slides. A project is presented at the end of every program.

With over 100 developed lesson plans, our students will be trained in technology skills, hardware & software education, and academics.

The students are taught correct keyboarding, mouse skills, and Internet Safety. Most of the programs are different from what they use in school, and are NOT arcade like activities, but educational programs to help them study at home, and increase their academic abilities. Preparing reports, and school projects will be much easier for a student with technology enrichment programs taught by CKC.

Individual Tutoring...

1) CODING - Activities in learning programming (JavaScript)

2) Typing Techies - Proper tying instruction, increase WPM

3) Arts & Science - Paint, Graphic Design, Earth Science

4) Microsoft Programs- Paint, Publisher, PowerPoint & Excel

5) MAC or GOOGLE - KeyNote, Pages, Docs, Slides & Sheets

6) Engineering - Problem solve by making machines, coasters & more

7) MGR - Math, Grammar & Reading; building our future managers